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It’s our SIXTH episode! Wherein you meet Curt Franklin, my long time friend as well as comic making and podcast ruining partner, and he waits almost 20 minutes to bring up 9/11!

We talk about video games and national tragedies and our history together and how all three are linked!

Hot Dad did the show’s opening music!

Corey Smithmier did the show’s closing music “Let’s Be Friends Again: The Series Theme Song”. Corey’s got a band called Strange Wave Connection and you should check them out!

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  1. What do you call a friend who, after a night of drinking, found you had been pulled over by the police & without hesitation put the pedal to the metal, burn rubber, fishtail, horn honking towards the police standing by your car, swerve at the last moment to take the attention of cop off you, maniacally laughing to taunt cop then speed off down the street, forcing the cop to leave you with an over the shoulder warning then jump in cop car, hit the lights & siren to get Curt, who is long gone & saving you from getting a DUI? I LOVE that story & greater love hath no man than to lay down himself for a friend!

  2. Y’all were funny together! Lots of laughing and let’s don’t go there inside jokes where you, like, had to be there stuff! Great show, guys!

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