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Wherein Lynne and I watched MK:A!

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So, it’s about this guy, Shao Khan, opens these portals, and I don’t know what the realms’ names… He’s basically trying to take over Earth… I’m not sure the reason why. And then these group of mortals get together and like “Hey, we need to stop him.” And that’s like plot. Defeat the bad guy, save the world kind of stuff.

Here’s a link to Showgoers. If you’d be interested in watching the movie using Showgoers, drop us a line on Twitter!

Important Correction: At one point I say “Resident Evil games” when I meant “Resident Evil movies”. I think you’ll figure out where, but please forgive me.

Uwe Boll has directed TEN movies based on video games.

Here’s a video of Scorpion’s Animality.


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