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We’re back talking about comics!

Also, Inktober, Halloween, facial hair, Brian Michael Bendis’ new job, unreleased comics, what The Thing smells like, and a whole lot more!


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  1. What fun y’all are to listen to! I would love to see the big story about an arcade game playing monk! I heard your stomach growl. Learned about background stuff being a distraction. Chris said a word I’ve never heard before, anyhoodles. Oh,and janky. Your laughing is contagious. Loved hearing Halloween costumes and CosPlay stories. No candy!?! Dipper doing his job. Comics is a great idea! Too bad it rained. All before you actually started on the actual episode. Once you do my phone dies. I want to hear the rest. I was certainly entertained! Good job.

  2. Lois Lane is a slam dunk! You guys and beards. Batman with a beard?! Poor Thing. Rock beard, smells like a wet rock. Godzilla beard?! Pilgrim Batman. You guys are a pleasure to be experienced! Thank you for giving me another thing to be thankful for! Peace.

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