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So, it was recently brought to my attention that all of the old, original episodes of the Gravity Falls Gossiper had gone MIA all of a sudden, much to the distress of at least one long time listener.

As best as I can tell, this is because the Adam Warrock site (where all of the files were hosted) is unfortunately no longer around.

This really bummed me out, because those countless hours of goofing off and talking about cartoons and movies and life and stuff represented a (mostly) really fun time in my life, and if the tweets and emails and stories we were told in person were any indication, in a lot of other people’s lives too.

I don’t want that fun and those memories to go away or disappear so someone else out there can’t possibly stumble upon it one day or not be re-enjoyed by people who were right there for it as it was happening.

Listen, download, share with a friend, whatever you wanna do.

The inaugural episode, Chris & Eugene watch and talk about Tourist Trapped, and tell stories about sibling rivalries and…uh, well, gnomes.

Chris’s demonstrative gnome comic (colored by Erica Henderson)

Opening theme by Brad Breeck

Closing theme by Adam WarRock 

Horrifying gnome picture from the Internet (link)

K-Ci & JoJo “All My Life” (youtube)

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  1. I’m seriously so happy that you’ve put the gf gossipper podcasts back up! I’ve been missing them ever since they disappeared and had a gaping hole in my life. Congratulations, it’s filled now! I literally snorted with laughter (like I do every time) when I re-listened to the gnome story. I really hope these keep coming out, because I love every one of them! Thanks for making these available again

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