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It’s our 25th episode!

WARNING: I start this episode by saying it’s going to be another episode of Comics Rule Everything Around Me, but this turns out to not be the case, and it is instead a new episode of plain ol’ Keep It Close To Me where my buddy Matt and I talk about video games!

We talk about a lot of video games, actually. A lot are comic/superhero related, but there’s a surprise or two in there as well.

We also try to answer some deeply personal questions like “Does being bad at video games make you feel bad about yourself?”

We hope you enjoy it!

Let us know if we got things wrong, what video games you love, and anything else that springs to mind while listening to this episode!


Here’s an excruciating playthrough of the first level of Superman 64 and a fun video about the history of how one of the worst games of all time happened.

If you’ve never seen it, here’s the Super Mario Bros. 3 commercial I mention this episode. It really pulls off the double magic trick of making SMB3 seem both exciting and like a very big deal without showing a second of gameplay.

Superman for the Nintendo! What could go wrong?

A lot!

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