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It’s our EIGHTH episode! Wherein Jess and I saw the new Ghostbusters movie and had a great time!

We talk about reboots and remakes and sequels! Ghosts and the busting of said ghosts!

Hear the terrifying tale of how Ghostbusters 2 ruined my summer and taught me about death!

Here are some of the Ghostbusters toys I mentioned in the episode:


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Here’s one of Rick Moranis’ songs! It’s great!

I did this video for Comics Alliance: about the baddest “Darths” in Star Wars! Check it out:

Walk the Moon did the show’s opening music!

Corey Smithmier did the show’s closing music “Let’s Be Friends Again: The Series Theme Song”. Corey’s got a band called Strange Wave Connection and you should check them out!

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