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Wherein Ben and I watched MK:A!

We discuss retro video gaming, Game Genies, Sega vs Nintendo, the movie’s incredible graphics, and medieval folk music!

Ben’s band is called Foxglove and you should give them a listen!

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One Comment

  1. I enjoyed, so much, the laughing! I really like Ben’s attitude, laid back and everything’s groovy like. He’s right about you being brave,too. 365 days in a row of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is some feat! You’ve already lasted longer than most people’s New Year’s Resolutions over their lifetimes! You won’t go crazy either because of “Podcast Therapy!” With ever changing perspectives from each guest, the journey will never be boring or get you down. The neatest laugh was from Ben when you were talking about playing the games. You said you wanted “MORE BLOOD so, my Mom” right there ,Ben did a little laugh that perfectly punctuated what you said & you continued about the Game Genie. Had I been taking a drink, I would’ve done a spit take!

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