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It’s our NINTH episode! Wherein returning champion, Randy (aka Randall Trang) is back to talk about what a big day DC had Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con 2016!

We say it’s going to be a “mini-sode” but it is not at all! It is a full-length extravaganza episode!

We talk about Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Justice League, why it’s okay that Batman is so scary, how great Robin is, all the behind the scenes Hollywood gossip you crave, and a few valuable life lessons about not focusing on the negative, and how good it feels to block people on social media!

Once again, I must implore you: Go to for easy to click on links to all of Randy’s various social media accounts, his great artwork and comics, and awesome videos of him breaking things!

Watch these trailers!

I did this video for Comics Alliance: about the baddest “Darths” in Star Wars! Check it out:

Corey Smithmier did the show’s closing music “Let’s Be Friends Again: The Series Theme Song”. Corey’s got a band called Strange Wave Connection and you should check them out!

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