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It’s our TWENTIETH episode!

And it’s only appropriate that such a nice round anniversary style number be about some ridiculously serious and scary “life & stuff”  type stuff!

My good buddy Matt comes by to talk with me about my recent trip to the emergency room/hospital and what’s going on with my heart.

It was some scary stuff, but I think we had a pretty fun(ny) conversation about it and I hope you enjoy it!

But, I mean, I always hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. Glad to hear that you’re better. Matt is a good friend and listener. Thank God for Cartoon Network to comfort you. You sure draw a crowd wherever you go. You should charge the hospital for your service as a guinea pig for the untested medicine. They should write off what you owe as research!

  2. You seemed very much at ease EXPLAINING & EXPRESSING yourself to Matt & the microphone. At least I know about your experience now. Plus, this is the only way I get to hear your voice!

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